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Pilot Survey Summary:

  • Ran from September to October 2013

  • 12 observers provided data

  • 29 of the 44 kilometre squares were visited by at least one observer

  • A total of 68 species were observed: 48 in September, 57 in October and 58 in November

  • The greatest count of 50 species was in OS square SX7060 (inc. Hillside & Palstone)

  • The lowest count of 1 species was in OS square SX6861 (inc. Binnamore)

  • Most records for Grey Heron and Herring Gull were "fly-overs"

  • The only breeding evidence was for Collared Dove and Woodpigeon

  • Commonest species in the pilot survey

  • The map shows South Brent parish (broken red line) and its kilometre squares.

  • The numbers show the species count for each square in the two months of the pilot survey 

Download a pdf version of the Powerpoint presentation shown at the launch of the Brent Bird Survey on 9th January 2014

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Parish Map - pdf


2024 Bird Recording Form -

       pdf or Excel (xlsx or xls)


2024 Non-Bird Recording Form -

      pdf or Excel (xlsx or xls)


2024 Recording Guidelines - pdf


Observers Crib Sheet - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2014 - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2015 - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2016 - pdf


  • Thanks to the BTO for permission to use their photographs on the results charts

  • Thanks to Steve Hopper and Keith Male for permission to use their bird photographs on this site.

Click on the links below to go directly to the latest survey data.


Survey Overview:

Parish Map

Species Count

Surveyor Coverage

Non-bird Survey

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