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Pilot Survey Summary:

  • Ran from September to October 2013

  • 12 observers provided data

  • 29 of the 44 kilometre squares were visited by at least one observer

  • A total of 68 species were observed: 48 in September, 57 in October and 58 in November

  • The greatest count of 50 species was in OS square SX7060 (inc. Hillside & Palstone)

  • The lowest count of 1 species was in OS square SX6861 (inc. Binnamore)

  • Most records for Grey Heron and Herring Gull were "fly-overs"

  • The only breeding evidence was for Collared Dove and Woodpigeon

  • Commonest species in the pilot survey

  • The map shows South Brent parish (broken red line) and its kilometre squares.

  • The numbers show the species count for each square in the two months of the pilot survey 

Download a pdf version of the Powerpoint presentation shown at the launch of the Brent Bird Survey on 9th January 2014

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Survey Overview:

Parish Map

Species Count

Surveyor Coverage

Non-bird Survey

Bird Species Maps:

Bird Distribution Spreadsheets:



Parish Map - pdf


2023 Bird Recording Form -

       pdf or Excel (xlsx or xls)


2023 Non-Bird Recording Form -

      pdf or Excel (xlsx or xls)


2023 Recording Guidelines - pdf


Observers Crib Sheet - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2014 - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2015 - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2016 - pdf


  • Thanks to the BTO for permission to use their photographs on the results charts

  • Thanks to Steve Hopper and Keith Male for permission to use their bird photographs on this site.

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