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About The Survey:

Brent Birders are a group of wildlife enthusiasts living in and around South Brent, who are interested in recording and encouraging an interest in local birds and other wildlife. They also organize meetings on a variety of wildlife topics.   The idea of a parish survey was first discussed at a Brent Birders meeting in September 2013 and a successful pilot survey quickly followed in September-November 2013.  

The full Brent Bird Survey was launched in January 2014.



  • Aims.    

a) To provide a record of the birds (and some other wildlife) currently residing in and visiting South Brent, and

b) To help enhance awareness, enjoyment and knowledge of local wildlife by South Brent’s human residents and visitors.

  • Area. Broadly the parish of South Brent, but more specifically the 52 OS 1-km grid squares which have at least 10% of their area within the parish boundary.

  • Period. Three years, 2014-2016, for the survey, although the final report will include records and information from before this period.

  • Species. All bird species in the wild, and (optionally) butterflies, mammals, reptiles and amphibians (the ‘non-birds’).

  • Records. Species seen or heard in each 1-km grid square in each month form the basic records, with additional information on maximum numbers and breeding. Records are submitted monthly.

  • Participation. Open to anyone. Sending in a single record constitutes participation!

  • Output. Interim output is in the form of monthly summaries, maps and tables, mostly on the website. Annual and final reports will also be produced.

Following overwhelmingly successful completion of the 2014-2026 survey we've continued to record birds in all 52 squares across the parish every January and December.  All help in continuing this exciting record of our parish birdlife is greatly appreciated.


To find out how you can help see details on the Home page or contact us through the form, also on the Home page.

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Parish Map - pdf


2024 Bird Recording Form -

       pdf or Excel (xlsx or xls)


2024 Non-Bird Recording Form -

      pdf or Excel (xlsx or xls)


2024 Recording Guidelines - pdf


Observers Crib Sheet - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2014 - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2015 - pdf


Brent Bird Survey Report 2016 - pdf


  • Thanks to the BTO for permission to use their photographs on the results charts

  • Thanks to Steve Hopper and Keith Male for permission to use their bird photographs on this site.

Click on the links below to go directly to the latest survey data.


Survey Overview:

Parish Map

Species Count

Surveyor Coverage

Non-bird Survey

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